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Purely Decorative

Purely Decorative

Queer pop by Aaron Bergunder and Kye Plant.

Dreamboat - Boy


On this effort, Aaron tries to clean up his sound and reworks some of his classics. The juxtaposition of vulnerable queer songwriting with dominant leatherman image is realized, but confusing. He loses the plot on "Dreamboat" and hangs up the moniker.

Dreamboat - Buddies


Listening to lots of A-ha and Bronski Beat and spending too many nights at the bar, Aaron chronicles a year of unemployment, depression, casual sex, cheating, and unrequited love in some pop songs his friends enjoy.

Nail Salon - Radcity (7-Eleven

Nail Salon
Radcity (7-Eleven) EP

Looking for a reason to leave town for a while and go on tour, Aaron and Talia Este ask "what if you could be 8 forever?" and then write a handful of songs about it. Childrens' music with swearing and honest feels.
Artwork by Mike Noppers.

Dreamboat self titled debut


Aaron wrote a lot of song while in college and shared mp3s over MSN messenger. Eventually he collected them, burned some compact discs, wrapped them in paper and sold them at Ditch records for $5. He fears most people will see him as this person forever.

Colourbook self titled

S/T (later Krakatoa)

He played in a band with Jordan Minkoff (Slam Dunk), Luke Postl (Slam Dunk), James Twiddy (Freak Heat Waves), and Brock Edwards (Almonds, Choen). Indie rock was a big thing. Everything was sloppy and loud and silly and fun and easy.
Artwork by Caleb Beyers (this is a draft piece from the process).

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