April 2021

I’m really on a health journey now, I guess. Closing my rings. Watching my calories. Tracking my habits. Journalling my gratitude. Tweeting my anxieties. Hiding in my shirt. Coping. Managing. Improving.

Thursday 1 – Another evening of halation hunting. I really enjoy the purpose it gives to an otherwise aimless walk through the city. It’s more engaging to be looking up and around and making a real effort to see everything from new angles than the usual staring at the sidewalk.

Downtown was noticeably quieter this week than last. The new restaurant restrictions are having a very clear effect. It’s not fair to frontline employees to police every guest, but it’s not fair to anyone to disregard the rules completely. My mental health is grateful.

Friday 2 – The day off and beautiful weather called for Boy Walk through Beacon Hill down to the beach and then some blossomwatch around the neighbourhood. Good good.