Yonni's Doughnuts mug, first edition
Dreamboat "Buddies" compact disc, 2015, second edition featuring stills from COLT "Genuine Leather"
The Victoria Beer Week Good Beer Gazette, volume two – 2020, featuring gold and white process inks on coloured stock
Astrocolor "Hue" LP, 2020, VHS-inspired retro confusion
Cultured Kombucha, 32oz growler, second edition 2019, seamless wraparound design
BC Ale Trail 64oz growler, original two-colour illustration
28 Bastion Square Arts Hub tote bag, mockup
Jets Overhead "The Timing" LP, a greatest hits
Rifflandia Magazine, 2014, 104pp
Taco Justice branded sandwich board, not to scale, :)
The Number orientation guide, out-dated almost immediately