Is August always known for the sky? I guess so. Good times for stargazing in the wee hours that are still warm. That annual meteor shower around Andrew’s birthday. Now, the smoke that drifts in and does wild things with the sun and moon. Lots of looking up.

I stayed home the last weekend of July while some of the gang went to Ruxton. All the time away was getting the best of me and I needed to catch up on some projects. Something caught up with Andrew too and he got an infection in his leg that kept us home from Shadow Falls. It would have been a terrifying trip in the condition he was.

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portraits by Tom
portrait of Tom
Goodbye, willow. Hello, bees.
This guy turned 40
Not nearly as sad as he looks

Saturday 14 – We rented the White Eagle Hall, rounded up some friends, bought way too much booze, and had an actual party. Dancing is still illegal, but everyone got pretty creative with ways to kick balloons around.

Saturday 28 – Strolled around the city with the family showing off some of our favourite things. Jesse, Owen, and Brody came down from Nanaimo for their last chance before the new school year. Three generations of joy at Quazar’s felt really special.