June 2021

What shape should I be? If I spend a few minutes every day thinking of that shape, will I gradually become that shape? Or should I squeeze all my parts over and over and treat them like clay and push them into the shape? Will I be satisfied when I form into that shape? What shape is the most satisfying? Which shape breathes more and which shape tastes better? How does the best sleeping shape stack up against a more wealth-optimized shape? Will people around me say “wow your shape is great for you” and then I will know I’ve completed my shaping? If I stop doing my shape will I unshape? How is that unshape different from shape?

Tuesday 1 – Hot start to June. Grabbed some Barb’s and cooled off in the evening breeze of James Bay. It’s so damn cute here.

Sometimes life looks too much like real estate marketing

Friday 4 – Camping at French Beach for the weekend. Every time we stay near a beach for a couple of days I end up thinking of what an effect it would have on peoples’ lives if they could wake up listening to the surf every day. Or if everyone had an hour each day to walk along the shore, what that would mean for them. Maybe that’s my untethered billionaire dream goal: beach walks for all.

A cat walked into our site on Saturday afternoon. Hope it’s doing well. Seemed to know what it was doing.

Quarterly Self-Portrait

Saturday 12 – Made our way to Ruxton Island for the night with Masako, Tina, and Sean. Slow and steady crossing. Steep shores. Cold waters (but worth the dip).

Getting away to a Gulf Island is always special, but being able to have a night of sitting around with friends, eating together, playing games, talking about little stuff, talking about big stuff, no pressure to be anywhere or fear anything—that was the best.