Trying to eat better. Trying to exercise. Trying to create more. Trying to take more time. Trying.

Saturday 6 – Parfait day (Cheesy Citrus) which meant we needed a walk. Checked in on Gorge Park, where we haven’t been for months, to see how the construction of the new community centre there is coming along. The flow at the narrows was more rapid than I’ve ever seen it, and the guy paddling into it was commendable.

Also March means optimistic thinking about plants again (instead of worrying about whether they’ll make it through winter). So I took a photo of every houseplant this morning and made a spreadsheet of their condition, personal history, and needs for the year. Projects are helpful.

The 28 potted plants currently in my home:

Sunday 7 – It was full-on spring for the usual dog walk around the neighbourhoods.

I shot on manual focus for the day and generally enjoyed these results of things not being quite "right"

Saturday 13 – Oh my god we’re allowed to be stationary around friends in outdoor spaces again. Quick, get doubles!

Saturday 20 – Made time for a good walk around Thetis Lake. It was almost summertime busy on the trail and the lot was nearly full. I guess we’re all grasping at this spring feeling.

Thursday 25 – Mouthjoy patio opened for the season. We basked in the joy of being able to comfortably wear a t-shirt outside and drank a couple of beers. The blueberry farmhouse one really hit me with a sense memory of being at the Burnaby Village Museum as a kid. It was like a tart, fruity, 200-year-old floorboard.

It’s nice to have these small annual moments and experiences to appreciate. Longer evenings, daffodils and cherry blossoms everywhere, leaving windows open. I think I value these seasonal patterns more and more each year, but they’re all coming on especially strong this time around.

Friday 26 – After watching a couple dozen youtube reviews (this is a pattern for me) I got a diffusion filter for my camera. So that inspired an evening photo walk to hunt for some good neon to bloom out of control.